What are the characteristics of car elevators


(1) The load is loaded and unloaded completely, the loa […]

(1) The load is loaded and unloaded completely, the load of the elevator increases and decreases suddenly, and the load on the car is uneven. This is very different from the way that ordinary freight elevators gradually load or unload their weight. The design of automobile elevator structure should be able to adapt to this feature.
(2) There are two control button boxes in the car, the driver can operate the elevator without getting out of the car;
(3) The rated load is more than 3 tons, and the car area is large enough to load various small cars;
(4) The setting of front and rear through doors facilitates the entry and exit of cars.China Machine Room Less Car Lifts Company
(5) It has a car suitable for carrying cars. The car is the only element specified in the definition of automobile elevators that distinguishes automobile elevators from other elevators. This determines that the interior dimensions of the automobile elevator car should be adapted to the shape of the passenger car. According to the new economic car definition standard and the "Automotive Garage Building Design Code", the overall dimensions and weight of various passenger car design models are determined. Therefore, the car elevator car size should also be determined by zd.

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