How many ways to open the elevator door?


The elevator door opening methods generally include: (1 […]

The elevator door opening methods generally include:
(1) Middle fraction. Commonly used in passenger elevators and freight elevators, the door leaf is centered and separated, and the opening and closing efficiency is high.

(2) Side open type. Commonly used in freight elevators and hospital bed ladders, all doors open and close to one side, and the doors have a large opening.

(3) Direct fraction. It does not occupy the space of the car, so that the elevator can obtain the maximum door opening width tonnage equal to the width of the car.

Points to note when taking the elevator:

1. Pay attention to safety signs. When taking an elevator, you must first check whether there is a safety inspection pass mark issued by the quality and technical supervision department in the elevator. Only when the elevator has a safety mark can you ensure safety.



2. It is forbidden to bring flammable and explosive materials into the elevator, and smoking is prohibited in the elevator.

3. Pay attention to over-limit overload. The elevator should not be overloaded. When the elevator alarms, you should take the initiative to exit and wait for the next trip. The elevator is overloaded.

4. Do not block the elevator door. When the elevator door is about to close, do not force rush into the elevator to prevent the elevator Machine Room Less Freight Elevators Companyfrom closing. Do not stay with one foot inside and the other outside, as this may cause injury. When the elevator doors are closing, passengers outside will prevent the doors from closing with their hands and feet. At this time, it is best to wait for the next elevator, or ask passengers inside the elevator to press the door open button to reopen the landing doors. People in the elevator should not stretch out their hands or feet, probe their heads, and should not put their belongings in the gaps to prevent the doors from closing.

5. Don't panic in an accident. In the event of a malfunction in the elevator operation, passengers should not panic, and should try to notify the maintenance personnel to rescue, do not press in disorder, waiting is a wise choice to ensure safety.

When the elevator is not running, don't panic, press the alarm device or dial 119. The alarm in the elevator is invalid. You can call out loudly or slap the elevator intermittently.

If the elevator falls, you should quickly press the button on each floor, because the elevator may stop on any floor; after pressing the button, you should quickly press your back and head against the inner wall of the elevator, keeping your knees bent If there is a handle in the elevator, use force to hold the handle to fix your body. If the elevator does not have a handle, you can hold your head with your hands. Use these actions to keep your whole body in a straight line, which can slow down the strong impact when the elevator falls and hits the ground. Damage caused by the spine. After being trapped, never pull the elevator equipment yourself, such as forcibly picking the door, climbing out of the safety window, etc. Because when you are trapped, you cannot confirm the location of the elevator. Even if you open the elevator door, the grease on the outer wall of the elevator may cause people to slip and fall, which will bring new dangers. If there is an emergency exit on the ceiling of the elevator, do not climb out. Once the exit board is opened, the safety switch will stop the elevator. However, if the exit board is accidentally closed, the elevator may suddenly start to lose its balance. In the dark elevator groove, you may trip over the elevator cable, or slip due to stepping on grease, and fall from the elevator top.

6. Do not press the emergency button casually. The emergency button is set to cope with unexpected situations. When the elevator is in normal operation, never press the emergency button, otherwise it will bring you unnecessary trouble.

7. Do not take the elevator under maintenance. Before coming to the elevator, passengers first check whether there is a sign of “stop for maintenance”. If the elevator is under maintenance, this sign should be hung and passengers should not take it.

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